Jungle Scout Chrome Extension – New 5 Features Explained

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension - Tropical Income

This blog post is focused to help you quickly become versed in the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension and the updates from the Pro version.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension - Tropical Income

The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is an extremely powerful tool for any new or advanced Amazon FBA Seller.

Whether you are doing private label, wholesale, online arbitrage, or retail arbitrage, you absolutely must understand the marketplace for your products.

If you don’t do the due diligence ahead of time, you will risk being stuck with products that do not sell because the competition was too high or even because there is not enough demand.

Having the right tools will save you money and time. Both of which are crucial as you are getting starting in order to avoid becoming discouraged. But also, are you continue to grow, you could make the mistake of growing without data.

Below are 5 essential features:

  1. Deleting irrelevant items to you product
  2. Checking sales unit volume history
  3. Verifying price history
  4. Reviewing BSR (Rest Seller Rank) history
  5. Identifying monthly sales revenue volume

I made a video to show you more details about these key 5 use cases for the Jungle Scout Extension.

Amazon is an ever-changingĀ marketplace and for sellers to stay ahead, definitely check out the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension. For example, recently Amazon has been massively deleting seller’s reviews. It has been a widespread issue where some sellers are reporting hundreds and even in some cases thousands of reviews being deleted.

By having the proper tools, you could easily see if certain keywords and categories are losing sales are you check with Jungle Scout. I personally use it more for the five items called out above but reviews are easily observed quickly with this tool.

Understanding seasonality for certain keywords and marketplaces is honestly a shining feature with Jungle Scout. Definitely check it out!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. I’d love to be of help!